Why Supplements?

Why Supplements and Why Chose us?

There are tons of sport nutrition brands out there marketing and selling their supplement products.

Some companies give the industry a good name. Some others, not so much. And with the sport nutrition market exponentially growing every year, with more and more more players joining the industry, finding a brand out there you can trust can become a headache.

So why would you chose us? What reason would you have to chose our products? We can think of a few reasons:

Reason 1: Our History

Born from a passion for nutrition, Goldnutrition® is a European brand specialising in nutritional supplements since 2003.

We have tirelessly built on our core area of expertise, sports nutrition, to expand our portfolio of products to:

We have been committed to promoting wellbeing and a healthy mind, body and spirit, through our relentless focus on premium product quality, innovation and service. which are always tailored to consumer needs.

Reason 2: Our Dedication to Bringing Premium Quality Supplements

Focused in a lifelong approach, and ready to adapt to future trends, Goldnutrition® has been committed to understanding our client’s needs and expectations.

These needs and expectations inspire further conceptual developments for premium products.

We constantly develop our supplements based on the most recent research in nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and metabolomics. 

Our supplement formulas are created by our expert and certified sport nutritionists and tested on the field by our sponsored elite athletes.

The laboratories where we manufacture our supplements are partially owned by us, and comply with stringent European Certifications. This means that not only the ingredients that we source have to go through many safety certifications, but we have total control over the origin and sourcing of all ingredients used in our supplement formulas.

Reason 3: Safety and Transparency

Our ongoing mission has been since the beginning to bring to the market, safe and natural alternatives to the shortages of essential nutrients found in modern day industrialised based diets. 

From production to distribution, we make sure al steps are dully followed to ensure a very high quality standard, with our products being doping tested, and HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and GMP certified.

We provide certificates of microbiological analysis, certificates for heavy metals, certificates of formulation and anti-doping analysis.

We therefore guarantee our products to be scientifically proven safe, and to strictly abide to their ingredient formulations and completely free of any doping substances.