GoldNutrition’s Vegan Protein Powder

GoldNutrition achieves that by combining different vegan protein sources into our powder. We use peas and whole grain brown rice, and formulate them into delicious flavours including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. What’s there not to love about a delicious addition to your shakes or recipes when it’s rich in BCAA and glutamine along with a mixture of 29 fruits and vegetables to help balance your body’s pH levels. 

All natural and containing no added sweeteners, our vegan protein powder is great for anyone in Hong Kong looking to promote their muscle definition while sticking to their vegan diet and adding a source of alkalizing protein. 

Order your Vegan Protein Powder Online in Hong Kong

Order online from GoldNutrition and get your vegan protein powder delivered to your door in Hong Kong within 3 days. Orders over 600 HKD get free shipping, so stock up!

If you would like more information about our vegan protein powder or what else we can offer you in Hong Kong, feel free to contact us today.

Vegan Protein Powder


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