How Our Protein Shakes Can Be Used For Weight Loss

A Diet consisting of healthy foods and protein shakes is also great for working towards effective weight loss. As a vital nutrient, protein is effective in reducing your appetite and therefore lowering your net calorie intake. All available online, our protein shakes are a great way to start slimming down while maintaining a healthy diet.

Our Total Whey contains pre and probiotics that help the intestinal flora to be more efficient in absorbing nutrients. With a low fat and carbohydrate content, the protein is easily absorbed thanks to our patented Lactowise and helps enhance your performance, tone your muscles and of course hit your weight loss goals.

Our “Shake It Out Woman Collection” of slimming protein shakes help you maintain your optimum body composition in the easiest way possible. Ready to be ordered online and delivered to your door, our women’s protein shakes are also designed specifically to support your weight loss goals with high fibre and digestive enzymes to help optimise your protein absorption and ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

At GoldNutrition, we have shakes that contain different kinds of proteins from whey to casein and sell them online in a wide variety of flavours and sizes designed for both women and men.

If you would like to learn more about our protein shakes and how to incorporate them effectively into your fitness regime, contact us today.

Protein Shakes


IsoHydro Whey Chocolate 2 Kg


Total Whey 2 Kg


Pure Muscle 1.5 KG


IsoHydro Whey 1 Kg Chocolate


Total Whey 1 Kg


V-Protein 1kg


Fast Recovery


Total Casein


Shake It Out! – Woman Collection


Hemp Organic Protein


Vegetable Organic Protein Mix


Organic Wheatgrass


Total Whey 260 g


V-Protein 240 g