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By lifting the skin, Epos kinesiology tape secures space for blood and lymph to flow smoothly again, allowing contusions and congestions to heal quickly.

Another important aspect is pain reduction. Our body can only accept one stimulus at a time and doesn’t process further stimuli around the spinal cord once one has been taken into our body. Once applied, Epos tape will constantly stimulate the sense of touch, which is processed faster than the sense of pain. Because of this, the sense of touch reaches the spinal cord first, blocking off the sense of pain. As aresult, We feel less pain.

Epos kinesiology tape also gives your body more stability by supporting it with an elasticity of 40%. This elasticity is equivalent to that of the human epidermis providing an ideal grade of support. You can think of Epos tape as a second, more resilient skin.

– latex free
– acrylic adhesive
– hypoallergenic

Main Functions of kinesiology taping

  • Normalizing muscle function
  • Improvement of lymphatic and blood flow
  • Pain reduction
  • Improvement of performance
  • Correction of the misalignment of joints



- Apply with little or no stretchStretch the muscles or joints prior to applying tapes

- Remove any sweat, and/or dirt prior to applying the tape

- Avoid storing product in direct sunlight and/or high temperatures

- To remove, pull in direction of body hair and move finger along to hold skin down

- Testing the patch is recommended for those with high allergic tendencies

- Stop usage immediately in the unlikely chase of skin irritation

Additional information

Weight 0.349 kg

Woman, Man


Endurance Athletics/Trail, Crossfit, Cycling/BTT, Fitness, Golf, Gymnastics, Team Sports, Triathlon


Injuries, Recovery, Wellness

Tipo de produto

Intra-workout, Post-workout, Pre-workout


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