Organic Protein Powder

At GoldNutrition we offer different types of organic protein supplements and powders. Our hemp-based organic protein is a wonderful choice for those looking for an organic protein powder containing all the necessary amino acids and easily digestible proteins for your diet.

One of the most useful and all-rounded plants on the planet, hemp is great for all kinds of purposes from fabric production to be a great source of nutrients. Hemp contains enzymes that help with digestion, boost energy and bolster your immune system, contains essential fats like omega 3 and 6, is rich in minerals and fibres, and has antioxidants. All of this combined earns hemp the title of a superfood, and in organic protein powder is great supplement for anyone and an even better protein option for the vegans and vegetarians among us. 

We also stock a vegetable based organic protein powder mix for another great source of easily digestible proteins. A blend of hemp, pea and rice, our vegetable based organic protein powder is great for muscle recovery and making your recipes that much tastier and healthier. On top of this, it’s completely free of gluten, soy, lactose and other allergens so it’s great for everyone!

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Organic Protein Powder


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