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Low Sugar Cereal Bar

Cereal Bar Low in Sugars

L-Carnitine 3000

More energy, less fat

Fast Recovery

Maximum Recovery and Performance

Pre Workout Endurance

Maximum Performance

Low Sugar High Protein 60g Bar

Low sugar high protein bar

Salt Bars For Endurance

Salty Energy Bar

Creatine Creapure 1000 mg 60 Tabs

Increase in Strength and Power

Extreme Fluid Gel with Guarana and Caffeine – Box of 24

Liquid energy gel

Whey and immunity: your shake can become your protective shield

Having a healthy and functioning immune system is like having a strong army, rested and prepared to defend us from daily aggressive agents, which will be some types of bacteria, viruses and other substances foreign to our body. And scientific studies reveal that whey proteins can play a fundamental role in strengthening our immune system.

World of Goldnutrition

GoldNutrition. Be Excellent.

At GoldNutrition, we believe that a proper diet filled with the right nutrients is the way to a good and fulfilling life. We’ve made it our mission to innovate and make quality products to supplement your healthy lifestyle and help you to the next level of fitness.

We offer an online selection of high-quality gym supplements for those in HK and deliver them straight to your door. Stocking protein powders for muscle gain, gold whey protein and functional foods, we aim to empower the Hong Kong fitness market. When it comes to your diet and health, why make compromises?

Gym Supplements in HK

Spending time in the gym is something that more and more of us are doing nowadays. But, as many of us know all too well, time is the most valuable resource, and so maximising this time spent in the gym is extremely important. At GoldNutrition, we offer a variety of products to suit different needs and purposes. Protein powder is a great way to spend less time preparing meals while still getting all the nutrients you need - even more so if you can get it online.

A great tool for muscle gain, protein powder can be easily ingested after a workout session and can help you not only repair but build new muscle at a much more efficient rate. Protein powder typically contains either whey or casein protein. Both come from milk, however whey protein powder is particularly useful for muscle gain as it is absorbed faster into the system, and works well with a frequent work out schedule.

Convenient Supplements and Quality Service

GoldNutrition is committed to providing the best service possible for the HK market. If you’re looking for protein powder or gold whey protein, buy it online with us and we can deliver it to your doorstep within 3 days. Improve your nutrient intake and supercharge your workout regime.

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